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Ali Gohar
Mr. Ali Gohar

Javaid Akhtar
Mr. Javaid Akhtar

Naveed Qamar

Mr. Naveed Qamar 

Ishaq Israr

Mr. Ishaq Israr

Shah e Mulk
Mr. Shah-e-Mulk

Miss Rabia Fayyaz Gohar Rehman
Mr. Gohar Rehman
Noor Akbar
Mr.Noor Akbar
Dr.Imad Bashir
Dr. Imad Bashir

Fawad Ullah
Mr.Fawad Ullah




Miss Asia Naz


Ali Gohar

Mr. Ali Gohar

Designation:    Rahbar/Advisor
Mr. Ali Gohar is Founder & Advisor of Just Peace International has a degree in International Relations from Quaid-E-Azam University, Pakistan. For thirteen years, he served as Additional Commissioner Social Welfare Cell for Afghan refugees--a project of (UNHCR). During his tenure, he sought to make public the plight of street children, Drug HIV/AIDS awareness, community development and peace building in 258 Afghan Refugee camps. He wrote two Pushto plays for Pakistan Television Corporation on Drug HIV/AIDS awareness & Domestic Violence. In 2002 he completed his second Master’s in Conflict Transformation as a full bright Scholar from Eastern Mennonite University Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. Ali was awarded a grant by United States Institute for Peace (USIP) to explore the principles of Jirga (a community based conflict transformation institution in the Pukhtoon belt of Pakistan). Ali Gohar has co-authored “The Little Book of Restorative Justice” in Pak- Afghan context, originally authored by Prof. Howard Zehr. He was also instrumental in the development of a peace story and song, "In your song, I hear my voice," sung in twenty languages with distinguished scholar for peace, John Paul Lederach. (http://www.dreamthelight.com/).
Ali’s article on peace, Restorative Justice and Jirga were published in international, local newspapers and journal. Ali recently developed a reference book and training manual on social work and train the first batch of trainer of trainers from eight Government ministries of Afghanistan. The project was funded by European commission and implemented by Child right consortium (five international NGO’s) and government of Afghanistan. Ali also worked as campaign officer with Oxfam GB, to end “honor” killing and violence against women in the province of NWFP Pakistan. He is the national coordinator for Victim of torture project implemented with EU and European perspective. Ali is also the founder member of “Quami Jirga” a recent initiative for people to people dialogue of all stakeholders for sustainable peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

E-Mail: alibabano10@yahoo.com

Javaid Akhtar Mr. Javaid Akhtar

Designation:  Chief Executive
Mr. Javaid Akhtar has done his Masters in Geography with urban & Regional Planning from University of Peshawar along with a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development and Local government. He has also completed a one-year course of International Human Rights Law, a Joint venture of University of Oslo and University of Peshawar. Mr. Javaid has a diverse professional experience since 1990 in the field of community Development .He has also an experience of working with National and International Agencies in the capacity of a short and long term consultant in the sector of Water supply and sanitation, HIV/AID, community services programs for afghan Refugees, Health and education sectors. Presently he is also managing a” Pakistan Polio eradication initiative project” assisted by WHO for post campaign independent monitoring in NWFP, Primary health care assessment survey for Save the children US, assessment of Health facilities regarding the STDs, and capacity building programs in peace related issues. He is also managing a project of ADP against poverty alleviation in Khyber Agency. He has also attended numerous training programs at National and International level:

Email: javedakhtar62@hotmail.com, rayyan_j@yahoo.com

Naveed Qamar Mr. Naveed Qamar

Designation:  Coordinator Programs
Management team member and Coordinator Programs in Just Peace International has done M.Phil. in Rural Development from Institute of  Development Studies (IDS), NWFP Agriculture University Peshawar, Pakistan.

 He is serving the social development sector since nine (9) years and contributed to the development of rural NWFP by extending his professional expertise with special reference to Community Development, Social Mobilization & Organization, project management and  planning, Human & Institutional Development of the Civil Society Organizations (NGOs/CBOs/WOs & Networks or clusters) and building on his strengths that is Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation, Program/Project Management, Organization Development/ Institutional Strengthening, Management Information Systems, Research & Surveys, Proposal & Report Writing.

 Regarding his academic experience his achiements are;

         Conducted Base-line surveys for "Japan IDS Joint Project" and Dir Area Support Project (DASP).

         Submitted Thesis on "Socio-Economic impact of Swabi SCARP on local farmers (A case study of two villages)" to IDS Department. NWFP Agriculture University Peshawar.

         Submitted a review paper on "Effect of different sowing methods i.e. (Ridge, Furrow & Flat sowing methods) on yield and yield components of three different varieties of Maize crop i.e. (Kisan-93, Azam & Sarhad White)" to Agronomy Department. NWFP Agriculture University Peshawar.

 During his 9 years professional carrier he served on different management level positions at local & national level NGOs and worked on projects in different sectors like Water Supply & Sanitation (WES), Non-Formal Education(NFE), Primary & Reproductive Health Care (PRHC), Human & Institutional Development (HID), Human Rights & Peace Building (HRPB). He also conducted various consulting assignments like national & international projects and NGOs. Some of the assignments are  given as following;

         PoA Exercises with 2 partner NGOs (SRSP & SUNGI) and their 40 partner MCOs and WCOs for CBRM project;

         Organizational Assessment of 10 NGOs and 40 CBOs, partners of Farm Forestry Support Project, NWFP in Kurram, Karak & Haripur.

         Conducted FRDP staff and partners trainings in participatory approaches.

         Conducted training need assessment of FFSP partners in NWFP.

         Conducted value audit exercises with PVDP partners in NWFP.

         Post earth quake damages assessment in CBRM project area.

 He also attended & facilitated various trainings in different principals like "NGOs & the Concepts of Development & Sustainability", "Participatory Reflection and Action (PRA)", "Institutional Development & Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS)", "Gender & Development (Concepts)", "Proposal & Report Writing", "Social Mobilization Skills", "Participatory Training Needs Assessment" and "Organizational Value Audit".

Cell No.: +92 300 8599233.

E-mail:   qamar.naveed@yahoo.com


M Ishaq Israr Mr. M. Ishaq Israr

Designation:  Program Officer

Management team member and Program Officer in Just Peace International has done Masters in International Relations (IR) from University of Peshawar, His second Masters in Sociology from Al_Khair University Peshawar Campus is near to completion.

Ishaq Israr is serving in development sector for last 5 year in diverse organization ranging from grass root to National level organizations on middle management and senior management positions. He has managed & supervised multi sectoral projects including Human Rights, Justice, Peace Building & Conflict Transformation, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Maternal & Child Health Care (MCHC), Human & Institutional Development (HID), Disaster Management, Emergency Response and Early Recovery. He has developed Training manuals & promotional materials for MCHC, Maternal & Child Nutrition, Hygiene Promotion (Hand washing with soap & purification of drinking water).

He has attended & facilitated wide rang of trainings including Disaster Management, Early Recovery & Rehabilitation, SPHERE Standards, Health Hygiene Promotion, CTC Approach, Social Mobilization techniques, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Project Cycle Management (PCM), Gender & Development and organization behaviors.

As Program Officer at JPI, Ishaq Israr is involved in Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation and Reporting of ongoing projects and Planning, Developing and Designing project proposals based on need analysis and appraisal studies of the target beneficiaries for submission to donors.


Cell No.: +92 302 8188810

E-mail:   ishaqmrd@yahoo.com


Gohar Rehman Mr. Gohar Rehman

Designation:   Incharge IT Section
Gohar Rehman Khalil is working as Incharge IT (Part Time) in Just Peace International Inc. Besides, He is Incharge/Network Manager Computerization and Network Enhancement Program (CNEP) in NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar.
He has master degree in Computer Sciences from University of Peshawar, Post Graduate Executive Diploma in Computer Science and One Year Diploma in Computer Science from Brains Post Graduate College Peshawar, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and LINUX Certification from Punjab University Lahore and has also a Fiber Optic Certification.
Furthermore, He has a vast experience in Computer Networks, Website Design, Management and Administration, Communication, Liaison and collaboration. Also, in Establishing and coordinating linkages with Faculties, Departments, Institutes, and Organizations. Preparation of Quarterly/Yearly Monitoring Reports, incorporating both qualitative & quantitative aspects. Development of M&E Plan. Supervision and implementation of the project activities. Verified utilization of program resources in the field. Preparation of cost-benefit analysis. Formulating short/long term expansion/implementation plans. Monitoring the implementation efficiency.

Cell No.: +92 300 5981908

Email: networkmanager@aup.edu.pk, goharkhalil@yahoo.com

Noor Akbar

Mr. Noor Akbar

Designation: Communication Officer
Presently he is studying in M.A Human Rights Practice (HRP) in the Universities of Gothenburg Sweden, Roehampton UK and Tromso Norway, under European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program. He has completed master degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and second master in Political Science. Besides, as part of studies, he has worked two days a week with Centre for Peaceful Solution (CPS) London. Previously he has worked in the Campaign” We Can End Honor Killing” with Oxfam GB.
Noor is also the member of Global Core Team, Education and Research Team of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
(http://www.humiliationstudies.org/whoweare/coreteamlong.php#akbar). He has participated in international trainings on different subjects including conflict resolution, nonviolent communication, ethnic diversity management, trauma healing, civil resistance and interfaith harmony.
 Noor was selected for three months fellowship by Third Millennium Foundation’s International Center for Tolerance Education (ICTE) in New York USA,
(http://www.seedsoftolerance.org/fgp_bios_2006/bio_akbar.html).  The main goals during his stay at ICTE were to evolve strategies for ending honor killings in Pakistan through knowledge sharing with other human rights advocates from around the globe.
 Email: jrnoor@gmail.com


Dr.Imad Bashir

Dr. Imad Bashir

Designation: Psychiatrist
Dr. Imad Bashir is working as a Psychiatrist in JPI. He has completed his MBBS from Karachi Pakistan. He has completed his Psychiatry training from USA at the University of Louisville Hospital and then completed his MSc in Psychiatry from Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

Email: imadbashir@hotmail.com, drimad@justpeaceint.org

Fawad Ullah

Mr. Fawad Ullah
Is working as Social Organizer in Just Peace International. He has done
M.A [Urdu]

Cell No.: +92 302 8887007



Miss Asia Naz

She is working as clinical Psychologist in the project "Capacity Building and Social rehabilitation of victim of torture" in NWFP. Her responsibilities include psychotherapeutic services to victims of torture and help them rehabilitate in their respective communities. She completed her M.Sc in psychology in 2006 and started professional career as a clinical psychologist with an organization of International repute, where she served in a culturally appropriate project aimed at improving skills and health facility provision. Besides she has worked in International Rescue Committee for empowering the refugee's women. She was responsible for psycho-social counseling program for the project, arranged and conducted psychological, psycho-social counseling and trauma sessions for women in Afghan refugee's camps.


Miss Rabia Fayyaz

Miss Rabia Fayyaz is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Just Peace International. She has been providing psychotherapeutic services to torture victims and helping them in their social rehabilitation.   

She has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Peshawar in 2006 and started her professional career as a Clinical Psychologist at ORA International, an International NGO which serves the disadvantaged through culturally appropriate projects aimed at improving skills, health and living. She worked there as a psychotherapist in a project funded by UNICEF. Besides, she also attended structured training programs related to her field of interest.

Shah e Mulk

Mr. Shah e Mulk

Designation: Master Trainer (DR-7)

Has Completed an honor degree in law & sharia (LL.B (Hons)) from international islamic University Islamabad and master degree in humanities from University of Peshawar.

Mr. Shah has been a regular parctitioner and solicitor at District Courts Swabi NWFP BAR COUNCIL Since 2006 and legal advisor for different government institutions and non-government organizations. Mr. Shah has an extensive experience in advocacies and legal consultancies.He is currently working as Master Trainer (DR-7) with Just Peace International (JPI)

Cell No.: +92 313 9354646

Email: Shah.Mulk3@gmail.com, Shah_e_mulk@yahoo.com





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